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Orange County Real Estate Market Update 1/3/17

Happy New Year’s 2017! What do you think will be happening to real estate this year in Orange County? Most predictions have been positive about the real estate outlook in southern California. If economic indicators are any guide, Orange County’s housing market is heading for a fifth straight year of rising home prices, increased sales, more rent hikes and booming home construction.

Orange County home prices are projected to rise 2 percent to 6 percent this year. Home prices in the county have been rising steadily since the housing market turned around in the spring of 2012. According to CoreLogic, prices have been up year over year for 54 straight months, rising $216,000, or 50 percent, from May 2012 to this past May.

Interest rates for a fixed, 30-year mortgage will be 1 percentage point or more above the 2016 average of 3.6 percent. California Realtors forecast in October that mortgage rates would be around 4 percent throughout 2017 but now are revising that estimate, said Jordan Levine, a Realtor economist. He predicts rates could be in the 4.5 percent range this year and possibly as high as 5 percent. So if you’re thinking about buying this year keep in mind the rates are starting to go up so it would be smart to buy before that happens.

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